mental health design

Mental health innovation in the world’s vulnerable communities


Our Vision

Every person is created to flourish. But the burdens of violence and injustice fall heavily on the shoulders of many, especially the poor. The long-lasting impact of trauma is expressed as addiction, anxiety, depression, violent behavior, and other forms of PTSD. These realities become an invisible prison that keeps people vulnerable.

We believe that liberation from mental illness is possible. We work in communities where few mental health services or resources exist, partnering with local experts to bring compassionate healing.


We Believe

In the power of communities

Mental illness is a burden held not just by individuals, but by communities. We believe that healing and resilience are developed in the presence and accountability of others. Our solutions are informed and empowered by the local community.

In the mutuality of compassion

Healing is not a transaction from one person to another. It’s the joy of finding strength and peace in each other. We constantly learn from the people we serve, and are inspired by their wisdom, love, and hope.

In proximity to the vulnerable

It is impossible to make a thoughtful impact in the communities of strangers. We invest in and partner with locals who are experts in their contexts and deeply committed to long-term transformation.